Next Startd

Theme features

  • The React Framework
  • Manage SEO easily
  • The smallest, fastest, most feature complete Tailwind-in-JS solution in existence
  • Pluggable JavaScript linter
  • Opinionated Code Formatter
  • Use git hooks with ease
  • Conventional commit messages CLI
  • Lint commit messages
  • Dependency update tool
  • Run linters against staged git files
  • Import folders and files using the @ prefix

Next Startd

Free Next.js landing page template for SaaS products, online services and more.

Theme Information:

Stars : github star473
Forks : github fork67
Updated : 02 Mar 2021
Published : 24 Feb 2021
Types :
Jaakko Kytölä
Created byJaakko Kytölä

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