Commerce.js Next.js Demo Store

Theme Features


  • Uses the Commerce.js cart API. Carts are persisted for up to 30 days, and Commerce.js automatically remembers carts for visitors.


  • Commerce.js's country and region APIs, Shipping methods API, and discounts API


  • Commerce.js provides inbuilt functionality for supporting customer logins without any server side code.

Payment gateways

  • This demo store is configured with the Chec "test gateway" out of the box, which provides a handy payment option while testing your storefront.

Commerce.js Next.js Demo Store

A commerce storefront example built using Next.js and Commerce.js with production-ready deployment to Netlify.

Theme Information:

Stars : github star996
Forks : github fork187
Updated : 14 Feb 2022
Published : 23 Mar 2020
Types :
Created byChec

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