Key Features

  • A simple blogging web-app built with Netlify CMS
  • Editable Pages: About, Blog-Collection and Contact page with Netlify Form support
  • Search functionality
  • Custom 404 page
  • Tags support: Separate page for posts under each tag
  • Scroll to Top button on every page
  • Create Blog posts from Netlify CMS
  • Uses Bulma for styling, but size is reduced by purge-css-plugin
  • Blazing fast loading times thanks to pre-rendered HTML and automatic chunk loading of JS files
  • Uses gatsby-image with Netlify-CMS preview support
  • Separate components for everything
  • Perfect score on Lighthouse for SEO, Accessibility and Performance
  • Comment and Like functionality via Disqus
  • Cookie Consent for GDPR


A fully-responsive blog theme built with Gatsby and NetlifyCMS (now DecapCMS), for those who prefer blazing fast sites, a fully functional CMS, complete with comments and cookies functionality out of the box.

Theme Information:

Stars : github star47
Forks : github fork15
Updated : 09 Aug 2023
Published : 21 Jun 2021
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