Statichunt is an open-source JAMStack directory that enlists hundreds of themes, starters, and tools for static site generators submitted by the community.

🗓️ Statichunt Timeline

  • 🌐 Domain Purchased - 11th December 2019

    On this date, we purchased the statichunt.com domain with the intention of creating something valuable for the Static Site Generator industry.

  • 💡 Idea Generation and Planning - 20th September 2021

    After some brainstorming, we began generating ideas and planning for the development of Statichunt. It was an exciting time for us!

  • 🚀 Launched Statichunt - 10th January 2022

    We were thrilled to launch Statichunt on this day and make it available to the public. It was a proud moment for our team.

  • 🚀 NextJs Version Released - 1st September 2022

    We released a new version of Statichunt, using NextJs. It was a big step forward for us and we were excited about the possibilities it opened up

  • 🪄 First Contributor - 6th September 2022

    We were delighted to welcome our first community contributor, olivier3lanc. It was great to see others getting involved and helping us to make Statichunt even better.

  • 🏆 1,000 Monthly Users Milestone - 29th January 2023

    We were thrilled to reach the milestone of having 1000 monthly active users. It was a testament to the hard work of our team and the value that Statichunt provides.

  • 🏆 3,000 Monthly Users Milestone - 25th May 2023

    Statichunt has reached a major milestone of 3,000 monthly active users! Thank you to our dedicated team and incredible users. We'll continue working hard to exceed your expectations and deliver even more value in the future.

  • 🏆 4,500 Monthly Users Milestone - 20th September 2023

    We are thrilled to announce that Statichunt has reached a new milestone of 4,500 monthly active users! Thank you for being a part of our journey!

  • 🚀 3500+ Themes Listed - 29th November 2023

    Statichunt now has over 3500 themes, making it the largest directory of Jamstack themes on the web. Browse our curated collections and find your perfect match!

  • 🏆 6,000 Monthly Users Milestone - 27th December 2023

    Statichunt celebrates a new milestone, welcoming 6,000+ monthly users who are building amazing things with static sites. Thank you for being part of the journey!

  • 🎯 10,000 Monthly Users Milestone (Loading....)

    We're currently working towards the goal of reaching 10,000 monthly active users. It's an ambitious target, but we're excited about the challenge and the opportunities that it will bring. Stay tuned for updates!


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