Netlify Tailwind Starter

Key Features :

  • Gatsby v3
  • Netlify CMS (incl. Admin live preview for all pages)
  • Tailwind CSS for styling
  • Performant images with gatsby-plugin-image and gatsby-plugin-sharp
  • Site metadata with react-helmet
  • Sitemap with gatsby-plugin-sitemap
  • Robots.txt with gatsby-plugin-robots-txt
  • Persistent navbar and footer with gatsby-plugin-layout

Netlify Tailwind Starter

An example website built using Gatsby v3, Netlify CMS and Tailwind CSS.

Theme Information:

Stars : github star25
Forks : github fork20
Updated : 12 Oct 2021
Published : 18 Sep 2021
Types :
Samuel Liedtke
Created bySamuel Liedtke

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