Key Features

  • Next.js 13 with async components
  • Data fetching examples in React server and client components. Suspenseful data fetching with minimal loading screens.
  • React query setup configured
  • React Hot Toast component
  • Fully typed with Typescript. Includes automatic type generation for Supabase tables
  • Tailwindcss
  • Unit testing and integration testing setups built-in
  • Eslint, typescript, prettier, postcss configured for dev and test environments
  • Automatic sitemap generation
  • SEO metadata, JSON-LD and Open Graph tags with NEXT SEO
  • Semantic release with Automatic changelog generation
  • Prettier Code formatter
  • Minimal styling
  • Codebase which is easy to read and modify


Nextbase Lite is a simple Next.js 13 + Supabase boilerplate. It includes a Next.js 13 app with Typescript, Supabase and Tailwind CSS.

Theme Information:

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Forks : github fork67
Updated : 21 Sep 2023
Published : 08 Feb 2023
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